On May 18-19, 2023, we participated in the International Conference on RISK MANAGEMENT; CLIMATE CHANGE AND WATERCOURSES organized by SAŽP (Slovak Environment Agency) in cooperation with Ministerstvo životného prostredia SRWWFSlovenský rybársky zväz, VODA&RYBY, n. o.  and Slovenská limnologická spoločnosť.

The conference was aimed at sharing knowledge on the effects of climate change on watercourses and aquatic ecosystems, especially on fish populations and other groups of aquatic organisms. The presentations covered among other things, the accelerating negative impacts of climate change on watercourses and their ecosystems related to inappropriate infrastructure projects and improper land use in basins.

Invited experts presented different perspectives on risk management, selection and implementation of nature-friendly measures in the landscape as well as on watercourses. One of the invited water experts was Ing. Monika SUPEKOVÁ (SVP), a member of our project team. In the framework of 3th block of the conference – SOLUTIONS AND RESPONSES TO RISKS IN THE FIELD OF PROTECTION AND SUSTAINABLE USE OF WATERCOURSES AS ALSO IN BASINS, she presented to the attendees a presentation entitled “Management measures for conservation and/or improvement of water-dependent habitats in selected protected areas”, which included information about our ongoing project for wetlands restoration.

More information about this important conference and its conclusions are available on the organizer’s website,  Conference conclusions | (





The Project „Improving the condition of selected wetlands in the left-hand branch system of the Danube River“ benefits from a € 429 244 grant from Norway through the Norway Grants. The project has been co-financed from the State Budget of the Slovak Republic in the amount of € 75 749.

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